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(x)Black Alliance is a nonprofit on a mission to build a collective of Black Creators who want to use their social media voice to empower the whole Black community: Black residents, Black professionals, Black businesses and Black neighborhoods. The purpose of this collective is to help raise awareness about systemic racial inequalities towards these Blacks and the negative affects on our economy. Our theory of change is to prove how Black Creators and changemakers can become forces for good by partnering year-round with opportunities to celebrate Blackness, elevate Blackness, uplift Blackness and unleash Blackness. Compared to other models, our Black-centered design thinking framework can build trust among Black communities faster and measure the impact of local changemakers better. The go-to-market strategy is to target cities that have declared racism as a public health crisis. Our goal is to drive $100 million into the Black community by 2030 which consequentially will  increase our nation's GDP. 

Contact Us

P.O. Box 2865 Decatur, Georgia 30031 

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